Uplifting, insightful Readings with Shaeri

Offering readings and healings in Sedona for more than 30 years
Weddings • Bachelorette Parties • Gatherings • Events
I work with angels to provide you the most healing and uplifting reading.
My skills include tarot reading, the ability to tune into the energy around people, places and things, and the ability to balance and clear your chakras.

I’m particularly gifted at clearing emotional blocks to free your energy and help you move more easily toward your goals.

I offer a special form of chakra balancing that I call Soul Whispering. In this process we invite in the soul level of conciousness, which then moves through each of the chakras, balancing them, and bringing healing. Nearly everyone who partakes of this work feels their soul coming closer to them and finds the experience profound.

I have found that people line up for this offering at wedding receptions and parties. It’s very popular, and can be combined with tarot reading.


“You were the hit of the party! Thank you so much”

K and S, CA

“Our guests were delighted to have you as part of our day. You were worth every penny!”

L.H. and J.S. Seattle, WA

“Your reading changed my life. Thank you so much!”

Jennifer, Portland, Oregon